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The Lord Is My Shepherd Ministries was established in the year 2000, by Pastors Sarah and Hakim Semakula. After setting up and having been involved in co-pastoring/eldership in several churches, Pastor Sarah felt the Lord call her to establish a Ugandan speaking church in London. The goal was to help reach those who had come over from Uganda to settle in the UK and establish a missions outreach back in the villages of her native home of Uganda.




Over the past 23 years of the church’s life it had been through a number of iterations. Having begun off the first decade as predominantly a Ugandan speaking church, the church morphed into an English speaking community of believers meeting in the heart of Woolwich. After some years at the turn of 2010 the church saw a move of God that saw hundreds of young people pass through its doors and many giving their lives the Christ and still going strong in the faith today.




Currently, the church is around 35 people from a variety of nationalities and ages in attendance on a Sunday morning. We meet to share the word of God, pray and live life together. The life of the church is centred around the preaching and teaching of the Bible and the sense of fellowship as one family of God, seeking to make everyone feel welcomed. 

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