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Paul Semakula

Senior Pastor

Paul Semakula is the lead pastor at TLIMS and has a rich history at the church. As the son of Sarah Semakula (founding pastor) Paul has been part of the churches different transitions and has served faithfully in different seasons. In 2010 Paul became the senior pastor. In 2014 he gained a bachelors in biblical theology and then completed his MA in theological studies in 2016; both at the London school of theology. His studies have greatly impacted his desire to see the body of christ filled with an understanding of God’s word.

Paul has been married to Yemi Semakula since 2014 and are the proud parents of 2 children.


Yemi Semakula

General Co-ordinator


Kyle Taylor

Head of Finance


Jacqui James

Sunday School Teacher


Caitlynn Namuga

Worship Team


Mayowa Sasanya

Church Catering


Liz Akintoye

Commemoration Team

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Tosin Taylor

Worship Team

Church Catering

Events Co-ordinator


Marilyn Durugo

Worship Team

Church Catering

Retreat Co-ordinator


Tosin Akinwoleola

Assistant General Co-ordinator

Sunday School Teacher

Commemoration Team

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